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Corporate Culture
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1.Design and Manufacturing Standards
Products from HUASHANG are manufactured and inspected according to standards such as GB JB SH HG and other related dometic standards,also ASME/ANSI JIS DIN GOST and other foreign standards.
2.Quality Assurance System
HUASHANG had successfully achieved ISO9001 international quality certificate by LRQA and had a complete quality system.
3.Quality Control
(1)All the raw materials will be had a rigorous inspection and stocked these qualified;
(2)All the qualified raw materials have a list of Chemical Composition Analysis and Physical Properties Test Result
(3) Manufactured products are strictly implemented first article inspection and random check during production, unqualified products cannot be storage;
(4) Finished products are inspected according to relevant standards or the user’s requirement, only qualified products can be shipped.
4 After Service
Products from HUASHANG are rigorously manufactured and inspected, we are responsible for below points.
(1) Ater-sales service personnel will arrive at the project site as soon as the goods reach there, to assist buyer to handle issues which may cause, he will play as a bodyguard in the whole project to assure everything smoothly.
(2) We are responsible for the warranty, exchange and handling relevant quality issues if we receive the user’s notification, we will be at the project site within 12 hours(In China);
(3) We will dispatch engineers to solve technical problems during assembling;
(4) We will dispatch chief engineer team to collect feedback of quality information after the operation of the project to improve ourselves.
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