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Electrolytic polishing stainless steel pipe
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          This clearing process is a metal, in this process, the stainless steel tube as the anode in the electrolyte, after power is removed from the metal surface.

     The process is generally used for processing of parts because of their shape is difficult to use the conventional method for polishing.

     The process is commonly used on the surface of cold-rolled steel sheet, as its surface is smoother than the surface of the hot rolled steel sheet.

     But make electrolytic polishing surface impurities is more obvious, especially titanium and niobium stabilization of the material due to particulate impurities in the weld zone discrepancies. Small burr and sharp edges can be removed through the process. The process focuses on the processing surface of the projecting portion, they are preferentially dissolved.

Electrolytic polishing process is the electrolytic polished stainless steel tube immersed in a heated liquid, the ratio of liquid involves many proprietary technologies and patented technology

      Electrolytic polishing of austenitic stainless steel tube well.

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